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12 December 2012

Christmas Program

Olivia was in her first school program {and first Christmas program} last night.  It was so cute seeing her up on the stage with all of the other kids.  She sang Twinkle, Twinkle Special Star and Hosanna.  Well, she didn't actually sing Twinkle, Twinkle because the girl behind her was singing so loud that she turned around for most of it and then covered her ears with her hands.  You can take a look at that little ditty right here.  And, see her sing Hosanna here.

After the performance, Santa was waiting outside to greet the boys and girls.  My dad's friend volunteered to play Santa when her school was in need and he did such a great job.  Olivia was so amazed that Santa knew her name that she decided to sit on his lap twice.  Sydney did not even want to get close to him and cried if she was within six feet of him.  She has warmed up to our friend Rahma who is staying with us this week, so maybe Rahma can pass along Sydney's wish list!

We celebrated with FroYo and Olivia got the Peanuts Nativity scene.
It is currently her favorite Christmas program AND book.



Poppy said...

Poppy was soo proud of her as well. I honestly had tears in my eyes seeing her up there.

Love that girl to the moon and back!
Love poppy

Mom Cooper said...

Our grandbaby is growing up in so many ways. I was very proud of her to see her with her little group and singing no less. I hope she continues to love to sing because she has a beautiful little singing voice and she actually stays on pitch (mostly).

It was a wonderful night and I believe the FIRST time sitting on Santa's lap without tears or screaming. Sydney on the other hand, had lots of screaming this year.

I wouldn't trade all these experiences with the girls for anything.