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07 December 2012

Our {Gingerbread} House is a Very, Very Fine House

...with a snowman and gingerbread boy in the yard....

We made our gingerbread house today with Nana.  We think Olivia spent a little bit longer working on it this year than last, but I'm pretty sure she ate just as much of the candy as she did last year.  {Which was a lot!}

OLIVIA!  Keep Your Hands Off of Those MARSHMALLOWS!

Thanks, Nana, for letting us make a big mess at your house.  But, next year, if it's 75 degrees out like it was today, let's do it outside!

{See pictures of our gingerbread house from last year here.}

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

It was so much fun. I think it turned out adorable thanks to Amanda's cute ideas.

Next year BOTH girls will be in on the fun. Maybe they can each do their own little house and Amanda and Nana can do a big one again.