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16 December 2012

Teddy Bear Tea

Olivia's Grandma called me a couple of weeks ago asking if Olivia and I would like to attend the Teddy Bear Tea at the Ritz Carlton sometime before Christmas.  She said she wanted to give some "experience" gifts this year, and true to form, she outdid herself!

She reserved a table for Olivia, my mom and me for Friday, but unfortunately Olivia started getting feverish Thursday night and I had to reschedule.  I'm so grateful that they had an opening for us today because she was so upset that instead of the tea, she spent the afternoon at the doctor's office.

We got all dolled up and headed up to the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix and as I pulled in and saw the valet, I immediately wished I had cleaned out the back of the car.  OY.  Or even just the front.  #snacksshoesandtoyseverywhere  Olivia still isn't feeling 100% {but was fever free for over 24 hours} and really didn't want to pose for pictures before going in, so these few shots were the best I could get.

Headband lasted all of two minutes.  But, pobrecita, look at those eyes.

She loved the ornaments!

We had our own table by another Christmas tree and were served yummy finger sandwiches and tea.  Olivia dined on hot chocolate and a bowl of marshmallows!  The dessert tray was seriously twice the size of the sandwich tray and it did not disappoint.  Our server even gave my mom some extra raspberry jam to take home because she thought it was so good.  Olivia got to pick out her own teddy bear to take home, was greeted by Ted E. Bear and got to do a teddy bear parade to one of her favorite Peanuts song {Linus and Lucy}.  There was even a story time and Christmas caroling.  

Her facial expressions are too much.

After quite a few marshmallows....

Only Nana was the one brave enough to get close enough to Mr. Bear.
{Can you see his face behind the eye??!!}

So, Olivia loved these little chocolate cups that the dessert garnish came in.  
I've got a sugar lover for sure.

And, yeah, that's chocolate all over her mouth and teeth.  But, it's still probably one of the best pictures I have of the two of us together.

We all had a wonderful time and are so thankful to Irma for treating us to such a wonderful experience. We hope that next year she can join us...and maybe even Sydney too!

We went to see Nana sing afterwards and Olivia had to have a cheese roll-up from 
Taco Bell since she had only eaten sugar all afternoon!
{We aren't that fancy, apparently!}


Poppy said...

That was awesome! Thanks grandma Irma for getting them the reservation.


Mom Cooper said...

You are never to old to have your first Teddy Bear Tea. I enjoyed it so much. Some of the guests at the tea had been coming for over 10 years. Thank you Irma for including me in this wonderful experience. Yes, I do hope that maybe next year you, Amanda, Olivia, Sydney and myself can attend again.