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22 December 2012

Christmas Happenins According to miPhone

I had intentions of putting up a different Christmas picture depicting the cute decorations going on in our house this year, but that has {obviously} not happened.  Between leaving for my weekend in Philly {that I still need to blog about} and getting everything ready for Christmas, I have just not had the time or the energy.

But, that doesn't mean that we haven't been getting in the holiday spirit around here.  Here are a few things I have managed to capture so far this Christmas season:

Bunky has been traveling all over.  I haven't been super creative this year, but did find a box of Super Why Alphabits cereal and after spending 10 minutes trying to fish out the letters so Bunky could leave the girls a message, I realized that the girls couldn't read it anyway, so I threw a bunch of letters out on the paper and called it a night.

We had  our first set of carolers and after Olivia joined them for a song, she passed out our leftover Halloween candy!

My friend Tara's Pappaw made this snowman for me over 10 years ago and even though we haven't had snow in ages, I bring it out every year.

We took a walk from our house over to Nana and Poppy's to check out all the Christmas lights.  Olivia doesn't really care too much for the Santas or the reindeers.  But, she is obsessed with all the nativity scenes.  She always asks us to drive around and look for the mangers.

{She had to pee so bad....}

{...but that didn't stop her from checking out another nativity scene.}

Thanks, Dad, for putting up all of our lights this year!
That's not our house.

Olivia made Christmas cards for her friends.

Sydney is the BEST shopping companion!  The BEST!

We went to the annual golf cart parade again this year.  Only a small catastrophe in the line-up with Olivia accidentally stepping on the gas pedal, but we don't need to talk about that...

This one was pulling a float that blew sudsy bubbles that looked like snow!

Oh my gosh, this one had to be the winner!  The cart was a sleigh, pulled by a reindeer, driven by Santa and Mrs. Claus carrying a load of presents.  WOW.

And, we couldn't let Thanksgiving have all the fun, so we had our favorite crafting girls come over for some Christmas fun.  The girls decorated their own mini gingerbread houses, made ornaments and stickered up a picture frame.

I let her do whatever she wanted to on this one.  Including licking the frosting.

They had so much fun playing afterwards, I did not care one bit to clean up the mess in her room.

And, she's been a big help in the wrapping department.  Sure makes it a lot more fun.

And, Woo Hoo, our Christmas card wall is filling up!

Thanks for sticking with me through this iPhone dump!


Poppy said...

An awesome blog Sis! I love it, great pics and you are the best at writing them up. ove those girls so much.


Mom Cooper said...

I'd say you pretty well captured what's been going on lately. Besides you need to save just opening up presents for one entire blog. If you know what I mean.