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10 September 2013

And Just Like That, She's Two

Two weeks ago, my sweet, darling baby turned a whopping two years old.  I can hardly believe it.  I truly think I've been in a state of denial about it.  While it doesn't really seem like it "was just yesterday" that she was born, it certainly doesn't feel like two whole years have passed since that very first birth day.

I knew from that very first day that she was the sweetest of sweets.  She was just so easy-going and laid back from the very beginning.  I mean, no other baby could have been passed from nurse to mama and back again 25 times to film a commercial on her first day of life without making so much as a peep.  And, no other baby would have allowed their big sister to lay down in their little bed with them and wrap them up in their tiny little arms without even making a little fuss.  No other baby but our sweet little Sydney girl, that's for sure.

While I am sad that these baby days are over, I am also excited for all that is yet to come with this baby of the family.  She is growing and blossoming like crazy these days.  The shy little one who preferred to be held by either her mama or her poppy now gives out hugs to mom friends and babies alike {although she is still a little hesitant of new people}.  Her vocabulary has really taken off in the last couple months and I'm excited to not only have conversations with her, but to overhear conversations between her and Olivia.  For the longest time, she really only said mama, daddy, nana and poppy, but she is now stringing multiple words together and is really trying hard to communicate with us.  I just love hearing her little voice come out.  When she says to me, Pay to, Mom, I just see these glimpses of her as a teenager grabbing the car keys and thanking me as she runs out the door.  {Mom, Sydney?  Mom?  Can't we go with Mommy for at least another year?!}

One of my favorite things about Sydney is how loving she is.  I swear she would give us hugs and kisses all day long if we let her.  {And sometimes we do.}  She is the perfect little cuddler and I have to admit that it makes me a little sad that I don't still rock her to sleep at night.  She loves to hug her sister, although sometimes those can get a liitttttllee aggressive. ;)

Sydney does a great job with independent play as well.  If her independent play is a little too quiet, I know she is up to something.  The girl is obsessed with water.  She loves to play in the bathroom sink and she can be sort of sneaky with cups pouring water all over the bathroom floor.  She's really taken to swimming and while most of the time we make her wear the floatie, there are times when she flat out refuses.  We've let her sort of jump in {while we are in the pool} hoping that she realizes she can't float without it, but it doesn't phase her.  She loves to swim back and forth between me and David and she holds her breath under water, keeps her eyes open and kicks until she gets to one of us.  I'm sick to my stomach and swelling with pride all at the same time.

Before you start thinking that she is completely perfect, I will let you know that she's not quite achieved that status yet.  She can be a little stinker...she likes to mix Magnum's food with his water, she pretty much refuses to sit in her high chair anymore {or let me feed her, for that matter} and she is capable of throwing itty bitty tantrums when she doesn't get her way.  But, honestly, those tantrums are few and far between.

We love our little Sydney girl and we are truly blessed beyond measure to have her as the baby of our family.  What a bright future we hold getting to watch her grow up.  May we always be the recipients of her never ending hugs and kisses.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sydney!

And, now, if you aren't sick of seeing pictures of this beautiful girl, here's a little video slideshow of pictures of her from the last year.  {Still want more?  Here's her first birthday slideshow.}

Sydney's 2nd Birthday from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

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Mom Cooper said...

Words can't describe how much I love this girl. I hope I never take for granted how blessed I am to be able to spend quality time with her. I treasure every minute I spend with her and look forward to all the new and exciting adventures she will take us all on.

May God continue to bless you and watch over you dear Sydney.

X0X0 Nana aka NA-A