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04 September 2013

August Happenings

I figured I ought to fill you all in on some of the things we've been up to {besides swimming} since we got home from our month in here ya go.

➸ Obviously we've been meeting our basic needs with eating and sleeping...bless her heart, it is so hard for her to wake up in the mornings for school.  Every once in awhile she will surprise us and be up early, but for the most part I'm having to drag her out of bed by 8.

➸ Liv had a dentist appointment and did fabulously!  No cavities -- even after all of those donuts in SLO.  

➸ Dad and I took Sydney to the Children's Museum one day while Olivia was in school.  She had a blast and it was so much easier with two adults and one kid!

➹ I mean, doesn't it look like she's having a blast?! ➹

➹ Cheers! ➹

➹ She sure does love her Poppy! ➹

➸ My parents have been dog-sitting Peyton while my brother was in Hong Kong for work and we had fun sending him iReports of Sydney loving all over Peyton.

➸ We celebrated sisterhood with blowing out candles in a pan of brownies and Sydney wore some Target Dollar Spot glasses.  {That's not random or anything.}

➸ Michele came to visit for a few days, but that's going to get it's own post very soon.  And, in case you guys were worried, trust me when I say there's no need...I'm still dressing my girls in matching outfits as much as possible.

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