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06 September 2013

Our Favorite Visitor

A few months ago, my friend Michele sent me a text message saying that she thought her next Aveda conference would be at a resort somewhere near Phoenix.  It was followed up by a lot of exclamation marks!!!!  And, sure enough, their conference was held at the Phoenician right up the road in Scottsdale.  She was lucky enough to extend her work trip a couple extra days so she could spend some time with us.  I even got to go have a girls night out with just her one evening.  That girl can make me laugh like no other!

Olivia went with me to pick up Michele once her conference was over {she was so upset the night before when I went out to dinner with Michele without her}.  Michele gets a discount at MAC Cosmetics, so we stopped in the store to pick me up a couple goodies.  Olivia saw the brightest, pinkest lipstick ever and begged to have some put on her lips.  For the rest of the day, she kept asking, "Do you still see pink?!"

All Michele wanted was a stinkin' where else would we go besides In-N-Out?!

David got some celebratory tequila and he and Michele were the only ones to take part in that nonsense.  I haven't been able to do a shot of anything since my bachelorette party.  The girls wanted to "cheers" with everyone so they got water.  I swear!

Saturday morning we had signed up for a Meet the Creature class so we brought Michele along.  She loved seeing all of the animals, and this class was an exceptionally fun one.  I have been obsessed with Timber, the beaver, for some time, but he rarely gets brought to class since he is nocturnal.  I made a special request this time and Lisa brought him in for me to finally meet.  He has the sweetest little face and that tail!  There was an alpaca there this time too...he was only 6 months old and was just the cutest thing.  Well, not the cutest...that was the little Patagonian Cavy that I wanted to smuggle out in my purse.  I fed it from a baby bottle.  Oh my.  You can have them as pets and so David and I talked to Lisa about fostering one for them at some point.  How fun would that be?

We pretty much spent the rest of the weekend in the pool just hanging out and relaxing.  We were all really sad to see her go.  I wish she lived an hour away from us still {or even closer than that...}.  Our girls just adore her and she is so much fun to be around.  This is the third time for her to come out and see us, so I definitely owe her a trip out.  Once I stop finding her hairs all over the place I know I'll be looking up flights to Chicago...

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