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20 September 2013

School Stuff

Olivia has been trucking right along in Pre-K!  I'm really so proud of her.  It has been a bit of an adjustment for all of us - her going 2 afternoons a week for 5 hours a week to going 4 mornings a week for 4 hours each day.  She has gotten into the morning routine a little bit better.  I haven't had to wake her up for about the last two weeks.  So, gone are the days of her sleeping until 9:30, even on the weekends.  {Insert sad face here.}  We still struggle a bit with getting out of the house easily, but thanks to our command center we haven't forgotten our homework folder, our backpack, our lunch or our water bottle once!  Three cheers for that!

She's had a couple really special days at school so far...Grandparents Day and a on-site fieldtrip for Fire Safety.  I think she really enjoyed the Grandparents Day with her Nana and Poppy and I just feel so blessed that they are able to spend so much time with her and can be such active participants in her growing up.  My mom has volunteered in her classroom twice already and my dad is a regular at picking her up {we won't mention the time he forgot to bring her backpack home...she was so distraught. ha.}  Every Thursday afternoon, my dad picks her up and takes her out for either ice cream or shave ice and then takes her to their house to play.  My girls sure are lucky.

From their date this week.

For Grandparents Day, Olivia's class sang two songs and made some cute crafts for each set of grandparents.  {Poppa Peter and Grandma Irma, you have a set coming your way once I get to the post office!}  

With her teacher.

I'm not sure how great the quality of this video will be...I'm doing the lazy way of uploading it and I don't think it is that great.  Sorry...

I'm a little jealous that the special day for the grandparents involved singing and treats and my day to be with her for the fieldtrip involved being outside on a 100 degree day.  At least there were firefighters?  {Doesn't really count when they weren't that cute and we were sweating and miserable.}

She was not about to let that firefighter get her down off of that truck!

I really love her little preschool. 


Mom Cooper said...

I love Olivia's enthusiasm for learning. She is now into cutting and writing letters . Still not so much coloring, but her printing is spot on for the most part.

I enjoy volunteering at her school. The teacher in me has to hold back some but I do enjoy being there and seeing how she responds in the "school setting".

I also love how she always says she is in "Pre-K". Does she even know what that means??

Poppy said...

I look forward to Thursday afternoon so I can pick her up from pre-school. We have the best time and we have good talks on the way to the Ice House. This past week we went to Home Depot to look at paint sprayers. Olivia had a great time there talking to the lady who works there.

And little Std is just so much fun right now. Her Poppy is number 1.