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14 September 2013

Sydney's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Sydney's birthday with a relaxing day at home.  It was definitely not Pinterest-worthy, but we all had a good time hanging out with each other and smothering our favorite two year old with love, affection, presents and cupcakes.

➹ Best family picture we could get... ➹

Favorite Food:  Edamame
Favorite Show:  Bubble Guppies
Favorite Toy:  Balls
Favorite Person {Besides Mommy}: Poppy 
Favorite Animal: Peyton

We love you, sweet girl!


Poppy said...

LOve that baby girl to the moon and back!


Mom Cooper said...

What a precious day for such a precious baby girl. Ooops, I guess I can no longer refer to Sydney as a baby. However, she will always be Na-a's sweet, precious BABY girl. Love her better than a cat loves cream.