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09 February 2014

A Pool Day in February!

While everyone else in the midwest and east coast was posting pictures of being snowed in on Instagram, we were posting pictures of our girls taking a dip in Nana & Poppy's heated pool.  Ha.

Hey, we pay for it come summertime {sort of}, so we'll happily soak up outdoor time in the winter, even if the girls are sporting goosebumps the second they get out of the pool.


Poppy said...

It was fun for Poppy to just sit on the side and watch the kids have so much fun in the pool. And Dad (David) is awesome with the girls in the pool so it makes for a fun time for all.

Love those girls!


Mom Cooper said...

I'm glad both the girls seem to enjoy the water. They both are going to be better swimmers than their NANA!!!! And that's a good thing.