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16 February 2014

Crafting It Up For Valentine's Day

When I saw the valentines that Allison did for her girls last year, I immediately knew what we would be doing for our valentines this year.  I LOVED the ones we did last year, but that type is getting a little more popular and it took a little bit of work getting the girls to hold their hands/props just right. I figured with this year's type, how hard could it be to get them just to stand still and smile at the camera?!  And then I remembered who I was dealing with!

➹ Here's Olivia with her finished product so you know what our valentines look like. ➹

It took me two different tries because Sydney was not having it the first day, but I managed to get a couple different pictures of the girls that I could use.

➹ I chose this one. ➹

➹ If it weren't for those straggly hairs, I would have chosen this one! ➹

➹ And, I think I wanted to go with this one, but Olivia has opinions these days.  ;) ➹

I uploaded the pictures to and added either "Love, Olivia" or "Love, Sydney" to the bottom right corner and then pulled the saved picture up in Microsoft Word to add the greeting.  I ended up taking the files to Staples and printing them off there onto card stock and then cut them out and taped them onto some craft paper I had leftover from last year.  I used a small blade and a cutting board and put slits in the side of them and stuck the glasses through.  That was the most tedious part, but it worked out nicely for me to do those while Olivia addressed the envelopes.  {We make a mess while we work.}

➹ Poppy did our prototype for us and after we realized it was a little high on this one, we lowered it for the rest of them. ➹

➹ These were the sunglasses we gave out to the boys. ➹

➹  Because the sunglasses we ordered were for toddlers, we used these plastic glasses from Hobby Lobby for the teachers and adults we gave them to. ➹

➹ And, we gave these little containers with Dove chocolates and Valentine M&Ms to the teacher and aides at her school.  I found the printable here. ➹

I absolutely love how the valentines turned out!  I have a feeling we will be repeating this one next year if the girls will let me!  

I should add that we originally ordered cheap sunglasses from Amazon, but the quality was horrible.  The lenses were completely warped.  So, fortunately, I found some other sunglasses here that worked out great. 

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Mom Cooper said...

Neat idea and they turned out so cute. Your girls are so blessed that they have you Amanda as their Momma. You always are doing some creative thing with/for them.