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16 February 2014

Release the Butterfly

When Olivia missed school on Wednesday and Thursday, she also missed the releasing of three of the butterflies that they had been observing in her classroom.  As we left the party, her teacher asked us if we would take the net and one remaining chrysalis home in case it emerged over the weekend.  Olivia felt so honored to be asked and we had our fingers crossed that she would be ale to see the butterfly and release it since she had missed it at school.

Sure enough, the butterfly had emerged by the next morning.  We kept him in there for a day so the girls could watch him some and then released him the following morning.  They were both so excited!

➹ She thought the butterfly might want to snack on some Goldfish grahams. ➹

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

My Kindergarten classes always loved when we did the Butterfly unit. It is fun to watch them go through all their stages then to finally see the butterfly. How special that Olivia got to bring the net home and experience it with Sydney.