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27 February 2014

My Not So Green Thumb

What color is the opposite of green?  Because that's what color my thumb is.  I'm awful at keeping plants alive.  My dad got us a few flowers to put in a pot in the back yard and it took less than 2 weeks for them to look like they'd been abandoned for 6 months.

I decided it was probably smart to find something that was a little more hardy, and so I thought succulents and cacti might be a fun way to go.  I really wanted to do some cute cactus, but I was afraid to put those near where the girls would be, so I saved those for our mantle.

We had fun taking the girls to Home Depot and picking out the plants.  David decided to give his thumb a try and picked up a ton of seeds to plant with the girls.  I knew it was time to put these pictures up here today when some of those seeds from Sunday started sprouting!

➹ Olivia had to change her outfit so she could dress up like the gardener {from our favorite book The Gardener by Sarah Stewart}. ➹

1 comment:

Poppy said...

What a great family activity. Pics are great as well and I love the hat Olivia has on. And your arrangements look so good. You may indeed have a green thumb after all Sis. I'm impressed!