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28 March 2014

Less Than A Day in San Diego

My parents left Manhattan Beach a day before we did, so we spent our last full day there driving around and looking for famous people in Beverly Hills.   We didn't see anyone, sadly, so we stopped by a park for the girls to play for a bit.

On Saturday, we headed down to San Diego to meet up with one of my favorite people in the whole world.  My friend, Diann, who I used to teach with in Indianapolis, and her daughter Kelsey were taking a little weekend vacation in San Diego and we just couldn't resist meeting up with them.

We tried our best to wear the kids out before the restaurant and, thankfully, they were pretty good while we were there.  I really appreciated David sort of taking responsibility for entertaining them so I could catch up with my girls.

The plan was for us to put the girls down to bed at the hotel with David and then for me to meet up with the ladies afterwards for a nightcap.  By the time we got the girls to sleep, Diann and Kelsey were already in bed watching E! so we didn't get that drink.  :(

It was fun catching up with them for a little while and was a nice close to our week away.

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Mom Cooper said...

Fun time in CA. Glad you got to meet up with Diann and Kelsey.