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26 March 2014

The Big Kahuna

Oh my mercy, you guys.  I'm so behind.  I feel like we just got back from vacation, but as I scrolled through my countdown app on my phone {to show Olivia that we only have 22 days until she turns FIVE}, I see that it's already been 15 days since we celebrated my brother's birthday.  I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning and I know if I don't start throwing these pictures up on the ol' blog, it's going to be another week before they get up here.  So, here we go!

My brother wanted to have his birthday dinner at Duke's in Malibu since he is obsessed with all things Hawaii, and really who can argue with eating dinner oceanside all the while knowing Hula Pie is coming your way for dessert?!

Some of my brother's friends made it to dinner, and those who couldn't sent cards, notes and messages.  I think he had over 50 cards and letters to open up.

➹ Debby Knox!!! ➹

Our dear family friend, Michael, was able to make it to the restaurant too.  I've known this sweet boy since the day he was born.  I haven't seen him since my wedding and he'd only seen a million pictures of my girls, but never met them.  {His words, not mine!}  So, it was a huge thrill to catch up with him and to watch Olivia fall head over heels for him.

The next day, my parents watched both girls for us so we could spend the day at Universal Studios with Ryan.  We had a lot of fun, but I swear I am just not cut out to ride roller coasters anymore...or have people dressed as zombies & ghosts jump out at me in the dark.  

My parents did a great job watching the girls and keeping them busy.  They hit up a playground and the beach and kept me posted about there goings on all through the day.

Stay tuned for a Disneyland post.  You know we can't be in the LA area and not take a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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Mom Cooper said...

It was a good week in CA celebrating Ryan's birthday. Poppy and I enjoyed all of our experiences while there. It was good seeing Michael again too.