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24 March 2014

This Modern Family

For my brother's birthday, his friend hooked him {and me! and Hala!} up with a visit to the Modern Family set at Fox Studios.  The morning started off a bit rocky with the girls throwing a major scream-fit when I tried to leave, but it was well worth it!

I was SO nervous driving to the set.  It was really cool though.  We met a production assistant who walked us to the sound stage.  We got a copy of the script for the episode they were filming and then were given a set of headphones so we could hear them doing their multiple takes of each scene.  It was seriously surreal.  They did SO many takes.

We were seated right across from Craft Services {which looked like a gourmet kitchen} and so we were able to see some of the actors/actresses from the show.  We met Ed O'Neill {!!!!} and I even made him laugh.  We met Rico {Manny}, we saw the little girl who plays Lilly and we saw Sofia Vergara and got a smile from her as she ate her salad while walking away from the kitchen.  Seriously, the highlight of my day was meeting Ed O'Neill.  I'm sill kicking myself in the butt for not asking him for a picture.  

The entire crew broke for an hour lunch break and so we got to walk through the sets and take some pictures.  It was really cool to see the set -- they have so many little realistic details!  Unfortunately, the lights were out so some of the pictures didn't turn out so great.  

Thank you, Ryan, for letting your little sister tag along to such a fun experience!

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Mom Cooper said...

That looked and sounded like so much fun. So glad you all had that experience.