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09 March 2014

Celebrating Seuss!

Good ol' Dr. Seuss celebrated his birthday on March 2nd (and so did Poppy, but I need to get the pictures from him before I blog about that) and seeing as how this Mama loves a theme, here's what we did to celebrate!  

I found a bunch of Dr. Seuss goodies in the Dollar Bins at Target and asked Olivia if she wanted to make some treat bags for her friends.  DUH, she's her mother's daughter, so of course she did!  She had fun picking out which little notebook, eraser, pencil and bookmark went to which friend.  She really can be so thoughtful sometimes and I love hearing her reasoning behind why certain friends would like Cat in the Hat more than Horton Hears a Who!

 On Saturday, it poured on and off and so we decided to enjoy the rainy day by being kind of lazy inside.  I saw these "Green Eggs and Ham" treats on Pinterest somewhere and we had fun making them.  We also made some yellow eggs & ham and blue eggs & ham and devoured them while watching the Cat in the Hat movie.  {We also snacked on some Hop on Pop(corn) which was really just kettle corn!}

On Monday, Olivia's preschool celebrated Read Across America during the last 30 minutes of class.  Olivia passed out her treats and we read Dr. Seuss books with her and some of her friends whose parents weren't able to make it in to class.

Oh, how I do love a theme!

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