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06 March 2014

A Whole Lot of Love for Sydney's Half Birthday

On the 25th of February, our little Sydney girl turned two and a half.  She is sweet & sassy, feisty & fearless, and a little rough and tumble rolled into a girly girl.  And, oh do we love her so!

➸➸ This girl.  We cannot take our eyes off of her for a single second or she will find trouble and party with it until the house is a wreck.  She's run the water in the bathroom sinks until it has overflowed, she is notorious for finding all of our chapstick tubes and digging out all of the lip balm from inside, she has a hankering for toothpaste and likes to sneak it out of the bathroom and into her sister's room so she can suck it dry.  She pushes, she hits, she throws things {like her daddy's iPhone that cracked into a million pieces}, but man, she makes us laugh ALL the time.

➸➸  This girl.  She is our athlete for sure.  She's got an arm on her like you wouldn't believe.  She can jump, she can dance, and she can ride a bike like she's been doing it her whole life!  Her poppy got her a bike with training wheels and as soon as she sat on it, she just took off.  I can't even believe it.  We signed Sydney up for a hip hop dance class, and while the other kiddos weren't able to keep up, Sydney did awesome.  So much so that the teacher wanted to move her up to the big kids class that afternoon.  David took her to it and she hung right in there with the 3-5 year olds!

➸➸  This girl.  She only lets me put her down for naps {on the days she lets me win that fight} and for bed.  And, secretly, I love those moments with her.

Happy Half Birthday to Spunky Girl!  Love you so much!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh I love this girl too. She has brought her Nana so much pleasure in her 2 1/2 years. I thought my heart would burst with love for Olivia, but somehow it has enough love to lavish on this one too.

I lolu Tidney Ryan Mickson.

Poppy said...

She is a special talent. You will be able to invent a game and she will excel at it. Can't wait for the sports to be begin for this one. Poppy is excited!

Love this little bundle of energy!