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18 November 2014

Farm Friends

I feel so lucky that I was able to chaperone Olivia and her class on their very first kindergarten field trip.  After studying a farm unit, the kids all went to a local dairy farm to see some animals and taste some fresh milk.  The kids were so great, and even though Olivia described the farm as stinky on more than one occasion, I know she loved it.  And, the bus ride, don't get me started on how excited she was to ride it!  On the way out, she told me that it was the best ride of her life!

➹ Sheri, Angie, and I {but mainly Sheri} made the girls shirts to wear on the field trip.  They turned out so cute! ➹

➹ The backs of the shirts!  Love them! ➹

➹ They each got to have flavored milk and ice cream too! Sign me up for another one! ➹

➹ Love my Mini Me! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

That looks like such a fun field trip. Those shirts turned out so cute. These girls are precious. Love the picture with the three girls and Mrs. Varner.