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04 November 2014

The Busiest Weekend Since Our Summer in SLO

Without our Social Coordinator Sarah to plan our weekends out here in Arizona, we usually have a little bit of downtime in our weekend schedules.  The weekend before last honestly felt like Sarah took ahold of our calendar and penciled in a month's worth of activities into three days.  We had a school Halloween party on Friday night, a dinner and hot air balloon festival in Scottsdale on Saturday, and two Halloween parties and a baby shower in between those on Sunday.  {All the while, I was prepping for two class Halloween parties I somehow became heavily involved with.}  I knew by Monday, we were going to be ready for a day off!

The girls decided to wear last year's Wizard of Oz costumes to the Boo Bash at school on Friday night.  Liv's Dorothy costume was a liiitttlleee short this year.  Poor girl was surrounded by a gazillion Elsas and even though she had zero desire to be her for halloween, I think she was a little bummed out to be the only Dorothy.  Thankfully, Brooke showed up in her Dorothy costume and all was right with the world again. ;)

Sydney was, no joke, the life of the party!  She laughed, danced, and partied at full throttle all night.  I think she will be in the yearbook more than Olivia!  She LOVES the big kids!  At one point, she got upset because Olivia didn't want her in the picture and so she started crying.  Riley swooped in and gave her a giant hug to make her feel better.  Those girls are so sweet with her.

We walked over with Ava and her family and they ended up hanging out at our house shooting off stomp rockets until it looked like the kids were about to melt down from a sugar crash.  We are lucky to have found good friends out here.

On Saturday, we convinced our parents to go with us to the hot air balloon festival in Scottsdale and I'm SO glad they did.  It was crowded, it was a little chaotic, so it was really nice to have an extra set of eyes on all of our kids!  {We met up with Ava and Riley's family too.}

Just now realizing I didn't take any pictures of the cool hot air balloons there.  Yikes.  Like I said, it was a little crazy there with all the people.  But, it was fun!

I hardly took any pictures of the Halloween parties either, but they were cute -- sweet friends, bounce houses, a magician, good food, and lots of yummy treats!

It was a fun weekend, with lots going on, but obviously it has taken us some time to recover from such a full schedule.  Let's just say that this past weekend, we did a whole bunch of nothing -- and LOVED it!

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Mom Cooper said...

These girls and their friends are precious. Fun times.