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25 November 2014

November in a Nutshell

➸➸  Olivia and I had a fun Veteran's Day morning together.  She didn't have school that day, but Sydney did.  She was so excited to take Sydney to her new school.  She loved seeing her new room.
After we dropped Sydney off, we had about an hour to spend putzing around before our reservation at As You Wish Pottery.  So, what better place to walk around than Target?!

I didn't take any pictures of us working on our pottery piece at As You Wish {because, whooo, we were messy}, but here's the finished butterfly dish in all its glory!

➹ We had so much fun -- we're excited to paint a few more pieces! ➹

➸➸ Speaking of Veteran's Day.... of course we had to pay a visit to one of our most favorite veterans ever so we could shower him with hugs and kisses!  We love you Poppy.

➸➸ And, as if Veteran's day wasn't already full, we spent a couple hours hanging out with friends.  Oh man, do we love a day off in the middle of the week! 

➸➸  And, speaking of sweet friends, we've been hanging out with a good crew these days.  Playdates at the park, after school ice cream dates, and birthday party extravaganzas -- fun times with fun friends.

➹ Ms Sheri picked us up for the party in her Jeep and these girls thought they were so cool hanging out together in the backseat! ➹

➹ Can you guess the theme of the party? ➹

➸➸  I got the girls these concert tees at Target, and even though they had no idea who Aerosmith or ACDC were, they still loved rocking the shirts {see what I did there?}!

➸➸ Our neighbor fell off his ladder while putting up his Christmas lights and the firefighters showed up along with the paramedics.  It tens out he broke his kneecap and needed to be transported to the hospital in the ambulance.  Well, the firefighters stayed and finished putting up his Christmas lights.  We thought that was pretty cool, so we took some cookies over to the firestation to say thank you.

➸➸  Both girls had special days at school last week.  Sydney was the featured student last Thursday, and we only found out about it 2 days before.  I think we did okay with making her poster though.  My mom and I went in and spent the last 30 minutes with her, and my mom read the class a cute Thanksgiving book!  

Olivia had the task of disguising a turkey to save his life.  So, uh, thanks Pinterest!  ;)  We made it our own though, and even though it was a family project, she did most of it herself.

➸➸ And, let's end this with lunches in the cafeteria.  Because, why not?!


Mom Cooper said...

Again let me say how blessed Poppy and I are to have you live so close to us so we can enjoy these special times with the girls.

I am so glad the girls are making friends (and you guys too) with the neighborhood kids and parents. Neat, neat things you all do.

Poppy said...

Awesome blog Sis! Wow, this is a really good one. I absolutely love every picture. These girls are so blessed to have such good friends and family need by.

I love these girls.