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10 November 2014

October Shenanigans

I am realizing that if I don't hurry up and blog about all of the random things that happened in October and get my act together sorting Halloween pictures, it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then New Year's and it will never get done.   So, here you go -- October Shenanigans.

➸➸  We got "booed" one night with a cute Halloween cup filled with treats.  We had fun going out and getting new goodies for friends and then "booing" a handful of friends ourselves.

➸➸  My mom volunteers in Olivia's class on Monday mornings, and a few weeks ago she sent me this picture of Olivia doing a Reader's Theatre of Mrs. Wishy Washy.   

➸➸  A couple of weeks ago, Poppy went in to have lunch with her and he was the hit of the lunchroom!  She's so lucky to have such an involved set of grandparents.  

➸➸  Olivia's school had "Red Ribbon Week" a couple of weeks ago to promote the importance of being drug free.  Each day had a different theme of dress, and of course we participated in each of them.  {I just didn't take a picture of them all.}  I think her two favorites were Hawaiian day and Superhero day -- she had the most fun with those.  On Superhero day, two of her buddies dressed almost exactly the same!  It was so cute.  We tried to get some pictures of them before school, but Olivia was upset that they weren't dressed exactly the same.  Sydney managed to get in some pictures though!  ;)

➹ Please note Sydney's Christmas skirt -- in the middle of October.  Love that girl! ➹

➸➸  Olivia has the sweetest little friends at school.  I'm so happy we decided to stick with her homeschool instead of enrolling her in one of the traditional academies in our district.  She is loving kindergarten and is just thriving in her classroom.

➹ Playdate after school with her classmate/neighbor friend! ➹

➸➸  Sydney had an on-site field trip from the firestation the same day as the Superhero day {hence her school shirt in the morning pictures}.  She liked the firetruck and being outside, but she didn't much care for the firefighter dressed in all of his gear.  

➹ Always in her mismatched flip flops. ➹

➸➸  I used to have a zillion pictures on my phone of Sydney posing behind the counters at Target.  Now, I have a zillion pictures on my phone of Sydney posing with mannequins.  They are her favorite.  

➹ Okay, maybe he wasn't her favorite. ➹

Phew, we are getting caught up.  Doesn't it feel good?!  

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Mom Cooper said...

These pictures are adorable too. It is so exciting to see how both girls are interacting with their little friends.