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19 November 2014

Liv's Fun Run

So far, Olivia has had two fundraisers for her school.  The first involved selling frozen cookie dough to her family {which we now have tubs of sitting in Nana's freezer}, and the second was an organized "Fun Run!"  I didn't want to break the news to Olivia that running wasn't fun, because, man oh man, was she excited!  She collected pledges from all of us, and while I didn't think she would do a ton of laps, she ended up completing 35/36 in the allotted time!  I was SO proud of her!  And, even better, she was proud of herself! 

➹ The first several laps, she was full of smiles! ➹

➹ This one is one of my favorites from the day.  That face! ➹

➹ Aaannnddd, this was at the end.  But, seriously, how cute is that sign she made?! ➹

➹ She even asked her teacher if she could run one more lap so they could check off the last box.  Type A much? ➹

➹ Her class after the run. ➹


Poppy said...

Her Poppy being a former middle school and high school track coach is also very proud of her. THE FACT THAT SHE WANTED TO DO AND THAT SHE COMPLETED 35 LAPS IS AWESOME. I AM VERY PROUD OF HER.

Love her so much,


Mom Cooper said...

Here comes a future track star. She looks so cute and her expressions are priceless. I am very proud of her too.