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08 December 2014

Church Date

We've been trying out a new church these last few weeks with some of our neighborhood/school friends, and while it is a style that is reallllly contemporary feeling to me, I know that both Olivia and Sydney love it.  I love that the location is close, we have friends there, and that the girls are happy and learning about God.   A few Sundays ago, Olivia and Riley showed up in the same gray color scheme and I just had to snap some pictures.

The message that Sunday was on the things that can sculpt our lives and there was a guest artist who was doing a sculpture the whole service.  After we picked up the girls, we took them up to see his work.  He was so sweet with the girls and he let them each add a piece of clay to his sculpture.

I can only hope that we are choosing sweet friends who will help shape our girls' lives in the best way possible.

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Mom Cooper said...

That's my prayer too. Darling pictures!