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03 December 2014

Thanksgiving Festivities

I really hope you all know that I am not super OCD, but it does bug me when I have to do things out of order, and at the moment I'm feeling a little conflicted.  See, we did a trip to see Santa at the mall the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Santa before Turkeys?!  Crazy, right?  And, I sort of feel like I need to blog that first, but I'm just having trouble putting red and green up on this space before I finish with the orange and browns, ya know?  So, that one will just have to come later.

Side note:  Tonight in the car we were listening to a Christmas cd {it is December 3rd, by the way} and I skipped "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" because I just wasn't in the mood.  And, oh boy, Olivia about lost it.  Not so much because she wanted to hear the song, but because we were going out of order.  Apple, tree, you know the rest.

So....back to turkeys and Thanksgiving and being grateful for things.  The girls each had a little feast at their school, and I was thankful that I was able to attend both.  

I really love Sydney's new school.  At her seat, she had so many little pieces of artwork that she had created.  I love that she has the opportunity to create new things each day, and she was so proud to show them off.   She loved the food at her feast too.  I didn't think she was going to eat the pumpkin pie and then she saw the whipped cream and she was all interested in getting a piece.  I thought for sure that she would just lick the whipped cream, but she ate the whole thing!  Such a big, brave girl!

➹ This dress is still going strong after 4 years! ➹

➹ Love that little turkey! ➹

Olivia's feast was really sweet.  I wish I had thought to take my big camera in and record some of the things they did.  The class sang us three songs {one of them included some sign language} and then they read us a paper they had made that talked about what they were thankful for.  Olivia was thankful for her family.  :)

➹ Love this little turkey too! ➹

On Thanksgiving morning, we went over to our neighbor/friend's house to eat breakfast, watch the parade, and decorate gingerbread houses. {They did that at the first Thanksgiving feast too, didn't you know? 😉}  The girls had so much fun, and it was a nice way to spend the holiday morning.  That evening, we went over to our cousin's house {who also lives in our neighborhood} and ate a delicious dinner there along with my aunt and uncle and my parents.  We have so much to be thankful for, but like Olivia, I am especially thankful for our family and how easy it is for us to spend time together.  Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving too!

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Mom Cooper said...

The girls each looked like they had a great Thanksgiving party at their schools. The pictures are so cute.