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11 December 2014

The Mall Santa

So, as I mentioned a few posts back, before Thanksgiving we went to see Santa at the mall.  HGTV had set up a really cool Santa experience that we wanted to check out.  I don't normally do Santa pictures {where I have to pay for them}, but I was in need of a Christmas picture for our advent calendars we hand out, so I decided to spring for it.

The experience was really fun -- the girls got "scanned" and made it on the nice list, they made a couple elfie videos, and they were able to peek into Santa's workshop while the elves were busy working.  And, then, then they were able to sit on Santa's lap and tell him their wishes for Christmas. {Olivia wants a secret doll and Sydney wants a unicorn.  So, good luck with that, Santa!}

Santa was such a looker -- man, he was super authentic looking.  But, gosh darn it, he was tired.  So tired, in fact, that he fell asleep a couple times.  Once while holding Olivia and then again while holding Sydney.  Seriously.  He kept trying to wake himself up by widening his eyes, but bless his heart, it wasn't working.

See what I'm talking about?!

I think our advent calendars turned out really cute.  The girls gave one to each of their classmates -- the kids were so excited!


Mom Cooper said...

You are such a good mommy and so very thoughtful of others. I know the girls really enjoyed giving their classmates an advent calendar. AND I'm sure the kiddos really enjoyed receiving one too.

Mom Cooper said...

Side note, Santa might have been dozing, but at least Sydney wasn't crying!!