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08 December 2014

Welcome Back, Bunky and Snowflake Sparkle

... or Noflake Parkle as my little Sydney says.  Sometimes those S's just don't roll off the tongue like they should.

Looking at our end of November and full-on December calendar,  I realized that even though I thought we were taking a more laid-back approach to the holidays, we really weren't.  Not sure who didn't get the memo, but clearly they didn't.  So, our elves had to come back a few days before December.  Sadly, pretty much all of our Christmas decorations were still up in the attic, so I sort of had to wing it, but I think it turned out okay.  The girls were impressed and excited and really, that's all that matters!

We are doing the 25 wrapped Christmas books for advent again this year and we had enough that each of the girls were able to get their own set!  {Special thanks to my mom for helping me wrap these!}  The girls have been loving them.  Tonight, Olivia opened a Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas and she got SO excited!  She kept screaming, Fancy Nancy!  It's Fancy Nancy!  Sydney opened hers and it was a lift-the-flap book with a Christmas tree on the cover, so she started screaming A Chritmas tree!  A Chritmas tree!  I love how excited they get to open a book!

➹ Olivia's donut face! ➹

➹ Sydney's donut face! ➹

Our elf brought the girls some pajamas the night before {again, thanks Mom for making their beds and laying those out for us while we were at the zoo} and a cool activity book!

These smiles -- they sure make getting up early and making little reindeer donuts worth it!  Love them to pieces.

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Mom Cooper said...

I love being able to do a lot of the Christmas activities with the girls. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of children is so special. Looking forward to our Polar Express Trip.