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03 February 2015

Polar Express 2014

Oh yeah, it's February and I am stillllll blogging about Christmas.  But, come on, the Christmas spirit should last the whole year through, right?

So, if you remember, we went to the Polar Express last year {2013} with the girls and had such a fantastic weekend up in Flagstaff that we knew we had to do it again.  This year, my parents wanted to join us, as well as Riley's family, and I'm so glad we had a whole crew doing it together.

Sheri is such a creative little genius, and she came up with the great idea to give the girls a note from Santa inviting them to join him on the Polar Express as well as an ornament and a golden ticket!  The Sunday before our trip, right before church with Riley, we gave the girls their goodies along with a pair of Christmas pajamas and a kit for hot chocolate.  They were SO excited!

The day we left was also the day of Liv's class party {that I was helping with}.  It was also the day of the Gingerbread Run at her school and a family picnic.  Talk about chaotic! But, we managed to do it all without any meltdowns.  {Or if there were, I can't remember them a month and a half later, so....}

➹ At the family picnic! ➹

We left Liv's school with the car all packed up right after the party ended and made it up to Williams with enough time to get changed and walk around some.  The girls were all so excited to be there.  I didn't want to hassle with taking my big camera on the train this time and looking back at the pictures from the year before, I'm sort of wishing I had.  My cell phone did not do a great job of taking pictures, but they will have to do.

➹ She loves her Baby Reese ➹

➹ The conductor stamped their initial into the golden ticket.  And then we had Santa sign it at the train station! ➹

We normally don't spring for Santa pictures {see our previous post on Bass Pro pictures}, but decided to this year with all three girls!

The next morning, we went back to the place where we had gone sledding the year before.  This year we were prepared with the good sleds and good snow boots.  But, why oh why, do we always forget snow gloves?!  Honestly, this was one of my favorite experiences with the girls.  We all had a blast sledding {Sydney is SO brave} and building a snowman and snow woman.  

➹ My favorite picture of Sydney.  Thanks to Sheri for editing out the giant snot rocket coming out of her right nostril.  :) ➹

After a morning of sledding, we knew we had to make a pit stop at Mama Burger.  It is by far the best burger I've ever had.  We got a little bit of everything and stuffed ourselves senseless.  

We stayed at the hotel that evening and had a game night after scarfing down their free appetizers.  Drury Inn for the win!  The next morning, we got up and walked around Flagstaff for a bit and did a little Christmas shopping.  Flagstaff is just the coolest town.  Even with the snow, I think I would live there.

The girls both slept on the way back....hallelujah!  It was such a peaceful drive home.  And, when we got there, my parents and brother were there to surprise the girls with an early Christmas gift!  Talk about excited!

Phewwwwww.  We are almost caught up to Christmas.  :)


Unknown said...

Sis, awesome pics as usual. Nana and Poppy are so glad we got to share this wonderful experience with you all. So special. Love the Sydney pic too and the Olivia pic with you is precious.

Love you girls,


Mom Cooper said...

The Polar Express train ride was so special to me for several reasons. Thanks for letting us be a part of a great week-end. So glad you all had a fun snow day. Poppy and I enjoyed our walk through downtown Flagstaff. It was a great pre-Christmas celebration.

Also glad we were able to be back before you all and with the help of Uncle Rhino, surprise the girls with their play house.

We are blessed.