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19 November 2009

Al Gore Invented the Internet (Day 12)

This past week, my parents and I have been Skype-ing a little more than usual. Of course, something is wrong with their web cam, so it's a little one-sided, but the main purpose is still accomplished -- they have a chance to see Olivia in action. It's been so much fun laying the laptop down on the family room floor and having her crawl from one side of the room to the other and then listening to my parents shriek with excitement. (So, yeah, I guess I do kind of wish I could also see their facial expressions.)

Anyway, it got me thinking about how fortunate we are to live in a time where technology is so amazing. We can click on a button on our computer and Olivia's grandparents can watch her crawl in real time from 568 miles away. That's just crazy. And, such a blessing. I wish I may, I wish I might, have my parents over each night, BUT, if that can't happen, this is a pretty good replacement.

So, today I am thankful for all of the modern technologies that we have that allow us all to keep tabs on each other so much more easily - facebook, blogs, instant messaging, cell phones, email, and the internets (Oh, DubYa, I kinda miss having you to make fun of).

So, in honor of that, check out this little ditty:

*You'll hear me say "no" to Olivia for what appears to be no logical reason, but I wanted to show you, internets, that little stinker's face when I tell her not to do something. And, please, for the love of God, turn your speakers down so you don't have to hear my voice on camera! (And, if the video hasn't shown up, just click on the "She Talks, She Crawls" title and it will take you to the vimeo site and you can view the video there.)

She Talks, She Crawls! from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.


Marissa said...

SO STINKIN CUTE! Hilarious that she smiles at you when you tell her no. My kids still do that. Although when they know better, like by Mister's age, it's a little less cute.... Can't wait to see you guys next week!

Jillian said...

Makes me want to buy a new Macbook because mine is old school and doesn't have a webcam. =(

Ari better hurry up and catch up to her "big sister" friend Olivia.....she can roll across the room while Livvy crawls!

Lauren said...

Oh I couldn't agree with this Thankful Thought MORE Amanda. I haven't lived less than 1,000 miles from my parents since I was in high school and I don't know if I'd be able to take on so many of my life's opportunities and adventures if this technology hasn't been around to enable us to remain in close contact.

Three cheers for the internet and cell phones! Hip, hip, hooray!

Mom Cooper said...

Yipee for Skype! I love the fact that I can see all the cool things Olivia is doing. It's not quite as good as seeing her in person but close. Looking forward to our next skype visit.

Irma said...

So cute! I love to see her smile when you say "NO". I can already imagine how ineffective a "NO" from her Dad will be...she has him wrapped around her finger!