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08 November 2009

Good Day Sunshine (Day 4)

First off, I'm thankful that no one got on my case for missing yesterday's day of thanks. But, today, I am especially thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having always have. David's been out of town this weekend and Olivia has started crawling. And, by crawling, I mean GETTING IN TO EVERYTHING! How's that for timing, Lauren?

Anyway, the best way for me to keep her contained is to strap her in to her exersaucer, her high chair, or her stroller. We've gone for two hour-long walks this weekend and soaked up as much sun as possible. As much as I miss Indiana, I am truly thankful that we have beautiful weather year-round and can be outside enjoying it on a daily basis.

I LOVE that smile!!

I'm especially thankful that Olivia is enjoying walks a lot more. It was only three months ago (look at how little she was) that this picture was taken. We had driven to the local Farmer's Market and Olivia, Magnum and I were going to walk back while David stayed behind to work out. We got about 2 blocks away before Olivia was SCREAMING to get out of the stroller. So, I ended up carrying her the 2 miles home and pushing the stroller with all of our produce in it. Thank goodness that hasn't happened since!


Jillian said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't yell at you for not posting yesterday....because I checked your page LIKE EVERY FIVE MINUTES!
I hope we can come visit late winter and enjoy some of that beautiful weather!

Jillian said...

Oh, and PS...
I swiped your idea for my Facebook status

Mom Cooper said...

The nice weather was a big draw for us in AZ too. Glad you are taking advantage of it by taking walks with Olivia and Magnum. I need to get back to my walking routine here. Waiting to see a video of her crawling!!! Exciting times!!

Marissa said...

I loved the weather when I lived in AZ. So warm and sunny all the time. :) But I did appreciate the seasons when I came home, I was just always glad to get back the the heat afterward. :) Your area is so blessed weather-wise! :)