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03 November 2009

What a Difference A Year Makes

Some of you may remember this post last Halloween where I absolutely dreaded the approaching holiday because it required a pudgy pudgier me to get dressed up in Santa Barbara around all the little college girls dressed up as Sexy _________ (insert any professional or non-professional occupation here). The only thing that made that holiday better was the pictures of my friends' babies dressed up and knowing that the next year, I could do the same with our little baby. Well, how right I was that this Halloween was SOOOO much better. Take a look-see at our baby dressed up and some of those same babies from last year in their new costumes!

Can you tell she just woke up?

A costume Dave Matthews would be love: Proudest Monkey.

My friend Cole's little boy, Olin, dressed as an adorable little puppy dog!

Caroline, opting for another historical figure this year - Clara Barton.

My friend Tara and her little chicken, Quinn.

Yep, Olivia pretty much fell in love when they met!

My friend Jessica's little girl, Emily, went as Pebbles! That's a dog bone in her hair!

And, the award for MOST AWESOME MOM goes to my friend Jill who not only dressed up her daughter, Ellie, but also got dressed up herself. My only question is...where is Ari's costume??


Jillian said...

Ari went as a Very Fussy Baby. She was(nt) a hit...but the rest of us had a good time!

Mom Cooper said...

Cute costumes and cuter babies. Who gets all the candy that was collected???

Marissa said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! :) Isn't it so much more fun with the babies on the outside of your body? :)

Lauren said...

That first picture with her in the pumpkin hat is BEYOND adorable! I love her sweet sleepy face.

Oh, and Liv in the monkey suit is a dead ringer for a Teletubby!

Irma said...

Wonderful Halloween photos! Everyone looks happy and cute as ever! Give Olivia a big kiss.