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11 November 2009

Hug a Veteran (Day 7)

As today is Veterans Day, I am extremely thankful to those men and women who have served (and are currently serving) in the armed forces.  I think in a time of war when we hear about casualties on a daily basis, it's especially important to not only remember those who are serving, but the families of those as well.

Today, I am proud to honor my father, who joined the Air Force at the age of 18 and served from February of 1966 until January of 1970.  He was sent to Vietnam in 1969 and was stationed at Phan Rang Air Force Base as a Fuels Specialist for a year.

My handsome father advanced to the rank E-4 Sergeant.

I am also proud to remember my grandfather today who served in the US Army and fought during World War II.

My pappaw (and those adorable cheeks) was an ambulance driver in Europe.

David is not here for me to confirm, but I am pretty sure that his father, Peter, served in the Korean War as well.

A huge thank you to all veterans, but especially those in my immediate circle, for giving up your time and risking your lives to serve our country.


Marissa said...

Amen to that! Dad Peter was in Korea and my dad was in Desert Storm. And my grandpa was in the Norwegian military too as a young man. Very proud of our military heritage and for all the men and women serving our country right now. :)

Mom Cooper said...

Dad Cooper said thank you Amanda for honoring him, his Dad and all those who have served our country. Very nice post.

Jillian said...

Thank you for mentioning the families. While we may not put ourselves in the line of fire (although now with Fort Hood I guess that isn't necessarily true) the families of those who are serving make huge sacrifices. Giving up our Husbands, Fathers and even Mothers for some, to serve our country in often times very dangerous places is a big sacrifice. But we know that it's part of the job and do it (almost always) glady.

I'm particularly thinking of one Mother I know who has a three year old son. She is an Army surgeon serving in Afghanistan right now. I pray that she returns home safely to her little family.

Lauren said...

This really can't follow Jill's eloquent comment above, but MAN, does Ryan look like your Pappaw or what?!?

My grandfather's both served as well, and as an Army Brat (who's so fortunate to never have her Daddy deployed) I agree that the families carry so much of the burden when their loved ones are gone.