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06 November 2009

To Market, To Market (Day 3)

Last night, David and I headed up to San Luis Obispo for their weekly Farmer's Market.  Each time we go up there, I am absolutely blown away.  The city blocks off about 6 blocks for the market and there vendors lining both sides of the streets.  You can get just about anything there - meats, fish, nuts, dried fruit, honey, flowers, and just about any fruit or vegetable you can think of.  And the foods are locally grown and almost all organic.  David and I definitely have our favorite people to purchase from too.

Farmer's is a ton of fun because it's always packed with people and there are different bands who play on the side streets each week.  And besides all the wonderful fresh foods, this Farmer's Market also has restaurants selling delicious foods like tri-tip sandwiches, bbq chicken, roasted corn and veggie burritos.  Last night, we discovered the dessert booth that Eclair Bakery had set up where they make hot, fresh mini donuts.  HOW DID WE NOT KNOW THEY WERE THERE EARLIER?!  After devouring a dozen (c'mon, they are super small), we went back for another dozen to go.

We are so blessed to be able to get fresh fruits and vegetables in such a fun atmosphere each week.  And, if we don't feel like heading up to SLO on Thursday nights, Nipomo's Farmer's Market on Sundays is just around the corner....if only we could get Eclair Bakery to bring that donut machine down here.

Donuts or not, where else could you get these gorgeous flowers for $7?!


Mom Cooper said...

I do love your Farmers's Market. We have one here in Chandler on Thursdays. (It fills about 1/2 city block). It has things other than food too. Neat way for farmers to get their produce out to the public tho. Would love some of those strawberries about now!!

Marissa said...

So jealous you get to have fresh berries like that all year round. Up here it's a June thing only.... :( Sounds like a really fun farmer's market.

Lauren said...

I cannot, cannot, CAN NOT wait until we can walk there on Thursday nights!!! :)

Irma said...

I miss the year-round farmer markets! Hoping one day to be visiting on a Thursday so I can go to SLO's.