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17 November 2009

Oh No He Didn't

So, I'm thinking that there's a certain someone in this household that's a little jealous of Olivia.  I've seen hints of it in the past seven months.  (Again, SEVEN MONTHS, really?!)  He likes to get right down on the ground while we're playing with her or he'll jump up on my lap while I'm nursing her, but today?  Today, he pushed the limits.

After lunch, I got Olivia all dressed, got our blanket and hats ready, and headed outside with the camera to take some birthday pictures.  And, here's pretty much how that went, from Olivia's perspective:

Yay - Magnum's coming over!

I love it when Magnum is around!

Wait, where did he go?

Um, Magnum?  Magnum, what are you doing?


Oh Magnum, have you no shame?

Mom, why did he do that?

We promptly moved spots in the yard.  I'm sorry, but the only phrase going through my head is, "That Little Shit!"


Mom Cooper said...

Maybe Magnum has IBS and when you gotta go you gotta go!! Olivia's expressions are priceless!

Marissa said...

HAHAHAHA! That's freakin hilarious!

Lauren said...

Oh, that's funny... I get it now, he's pooing. Sorry, from this angle he looks like he humping the you-know-what out of that poor bush.

I say this as Pepper goes to hide with her tail between her legs.

PS: LOVING that last pic of Livi AND you smart mama, with the onesie over the tights! :)