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18 September 2010

The First of Her Golden Birthdays

Seventeen months on the seventeenth.  Happy Birthday, Baby!

This last month just seems to have flown by.  You are learning and growing so much every day.  You absolutely amaze your dad and me with all the new things you are doing.

It seems like you learn a new word every day. In addition to the words you already knew {Magna, hat, hot, Da-Da, Ma-Ma, duck, bath and wee {for swing}, you now know dog, cat, Meow Meow, piggy, turtle,  peek-a-boo, more, Nana, Poppy, Kendall, Avi, Rhino, Peyton, car, ball, hiya {for Hi}, bow {for bounce}, up, wa-wa {for water} and apple.  You also know a lot of the sounds that the animals make.   You will say moo, baa, neigh, oink {which is my personal favorite}, meow meow, woof woof and bawk bawk {for chicken}.  

It's amazing that even with as many pictures and events that I have captured on film and in this blog there are so many special moments that go unmentioned....and it is these moments that I hope to never forget.
--Like how the other night after we gave you a bath, you ran around the house completely naked and we finally corralled you between the two of us and for fifteen minutes straight you ran back and forth carrying a dolphin toy and giving us kisses.  It was so much fun that I would not have cared at all if you had peed on the floor.
--Or how you talk yourself to sleep at night.  The video monitor gives us a look into your nightly ramblings and we love hearing you say all the words you know as you wind yourself down.
--Or how you want to put your whole arm through the space in my hand when I sign I Love You to you.
--Or how excited you get when I fold blankets or sheets.  Lately we have been letting you lay in the middle of a blanket while we swing you back and forth like a hammock.  You laugh and laugh and then say More! More?
--Or how you charm the socks off of everyone you meet.  At lunch today in Santa Barbara, you marched right up to a table and before I knew it you had grabbed a corn muffin from the gentleman seated there.  He happily gave you that one AND another one and couldn't get over how sociable you were.
--Or how you will grab a book from the basket beside the couch and crawl up on it and flip through the  pages as if you are reading each one.  You also like to crawl up in our laps so we can read you the stories.
--Or how you have a sixth sense for when the pantry door is open and go straight for the boxes of cereal.  The other day you grabbed the box of Bisquick and nearly spilled it everywhere before I could get it away from you.
--Or how giving Magnum a multiple treats is one of the highlights of your day.
Each and every moment with you is a gift from God and we are forever thankful for you and the love you bring to our lives.

Happy Golden Birthday, Baby.
We love you so much.


Marissa said...

Such sweet memories. It's so great that you're writing all of these down. :)

Mom Cooper said...

Oh the joy of watching your baby girl grow and learn new things. Thanks for sharing them with us. She is OUR pride and joy too.