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29 September 2010

Happy Birthday, Doug!!

Okay, so it is not really Doug's birthday.  I facebook stalked it and we have about six more weeks until the big day, but Doug totally loves it when my blogs are full of pictures (ahem) and this one is going to be!  So Happy Early Birthday, Friend!  ;)

The heat has finally subsided and the weather could not be more perfect!  We are LOVING the warm afternoons and nights that we don't typically get even during the summer months.  The few days of intense heat we experienced make me extremely grateful that I don't have to deal with what seems like endless weeks of hot, hot weather (especially when carting around a tiny tot) like we did in Indiana, but boy do I miss hanging out outside on those warm summer evenings.  We are some of the lucky few who actually have air-conditioning in our house and we broke down and cranked it on Monday night.  We ended up babysitting Gabby on Tuesday and Olivia was in heaven with another dog in the house.  Add to the fact that we were also cat-sitting Kinleigh and it was as close to having her own petting zoo as she's going to get for awhile.

This one popped over to see if he could hang out inside our house.
Sorry Charlie.

Kisses for Gabby.
How scared does she look?

That's the way to get in her good graces!

Seriously...Gabby was SO happy to see David when he came home from work.  
She was giving him her bedroom eyes.

And, Olivia stepped outside and was pretty much ready to go back in. 
 It was too hot for this baby!

We got Meow Meow this little toy and we take it over each time we go to visit.  Olivia loves to wave it around and she looks like a cross between a rhythmic gymnast and a lion tamer.
And, yes, our house always looks this clean.
{Don't you want kids, Doug?!}

We've taken some nice bike rides the last couple of afternoons.

What, not everyone uses their water bottle holder to store a Chelada beer?
Budweiser and Clamato.  Google it.  It's disgusting in a can.

Magnum has enjoyed being able to sniff lots of new places.

Can you tell she put those on herself?

This girl loves to read.  Each night she has ridden in her little Chariot and read her books aloud.
{I love her to pieces.}

And she LOVES her boots.

A little playground fun never hurt anybody.

Would you believe that I still have more pictures to put up?  I think I'll save those for tomorrow.  Doug has probably overheated by now anyway.

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Doug Johnson said...

Best present ever! Gratuitous shirtless pictures are my favorite!

Unknown said...

Does Dave *ever* wear a shirt?