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21 September 2010

Paper Pinwheels and Shirley Temple Curls

It has been craftastic around here lately. {Fall is in the air!!} David and I are planning a little Halloween party for Olivia and some of her friends and my mind is about to explode with fun party ideas, games and decorations.  I am making a pinwheel garland for our fireplace and I think I have already made enough pinwheels to line the block.  I think I may be addicted.

Here's a little sampling...

Last Saturday, we went over to Santa Barbara to meet up with another couple for lunch and then headed over to the zoo for a little bit.  It is so great having a membership there and being able to stop by whenever we are in town.  It's a great way for Olivia to burn off some energy before we get back in the car.

Of course I couldn't resist a little Pinkberry.
{But, seeing as how Olivia never.sat.still at the restaurant, THIS was my lunch.}

Look at those curls!

I love this little Hippo dress that our friend Diann got Olivia for her birthday.
And those Baby Legs...


Normally I don't really get into birds, but these guys were fun to watch.  And their feathers are just gorgeous.

She was calling for the gorilla to come out.  And it worked!

Yesterday afternoon, we met up with Sarah and Kendall for a walk on the beach.  It was such a beautiful day out.  I only got one picture since I was juggling a toddler who didn't want to be in her stroller and a dog who thought he was King of the Playground.

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!
{Breaking out the fall boots!}

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

What sweet, sweet pictures of Olivia (and you) ok and David too. BTW is David taking a break from shaving or is he trying to grow a beard??

Amanda you are so creative. I can't wait to see the rest of you ideas for the party.