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24 September 2010

Skippity Skippity Skype

So, any other moms out there have a little trouble getting going in the mornings?  We sure do!  Our Friday classes go from 9 to 11:30 which is a really long time for a 17 month old, especially when you add in a 30 minute commute beforehand.  We don't always make it there right on this morning where Olivia woke up crying at 4am and let's just say I wasn't really enjoying waking up again at 7:30.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the class though, so I will gladly trade the hectic mornings {and the disrupted nap schedule} for lots of fun when we get the babies together.  The schedule for this class allows us to have a 30 minute baby-free block while another mom is watching our child along with their own out on the playground.  I wish I could take more pictures during the outside playtime to show the utter chaos that goes on, but it is HARD WORK watching two babies who don't always want to play the same thing in a sea of 3 classrooms worth of toddlers.  It's loads of fun and all the other moms are so great.

After Olivia's nap, we had lunch outside since it was such a beautiful day.   Olivia was more interested in hooking the straps of her high chair together than eating.  See all that corn?  Apparently Olivia only likes eating corn when it is on the cob.  Same thing happened tonight with her meatballs for dinner.  She REFUSED to eat the ones that were cut up, but went right to town on the one that was whole.  This baby and her quirks.

Uncle Rhino leaves for Paris tomorrow so we had to get a little Skyping in before he left.  He captured some of these screen shots and I am in love with them.  I almost love his expressions as much as I love hers.

Do not be afraid of that knife!
Be jealous that we still have AMAZING strawberries!

Pretty sure she likes loves him!

We also had a little fun with La Photo Cabine before dinner.  She loves photobooths about as much as I do!

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Mom Cooper said...

Oh my, what can I say. I love my family. And it's obvious we all love Olivia! Sweet, funny, precious pictures.