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03 September 2010


This is {kinda} how we spent our day.

Kinleigh Kitty came over for a visit!  
{He has regular walkabouts each morning and we've been hoping he'd stop by to see us.}

This one had a {snotty} tantrum when Kinleigh decided he need to finish his exploring.
Don't worry, she was distracted by giving Magna copious amounts of T-R-E-A-Ts.

She learned This One's name.
{And said it over and over again.}

We headed up to the Avila Farmers' Market...

...and saw this amazing Fire Dancer.
{After some roasted corn.}

Happy Friday Night Lights from the Central Coast!
{Yeah, we are watching it right now.}

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I love seeing what you guys are up to. I especially enjoy seeing Olivia's antics through pictures. Keep up the good work.