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14 September 2010

Uncle Rhino is the BEST

Saw this truck outside our kitchen window.

Found this on our front doorstep.

I let this little munchkin open it up.

Awwww.  She LOVES it!

Seeing this reminded me of when he was out here and helped me out SO much while I was scratching my skin raw under the weather with the hives.  There was one afternoon where he was playing with Olivia in the playroom and I went back there to hear him say, "These markers are HORRIBLE!"  Ha ha...they were the Color Wonder markers that only color on the special Color Wonder paper.  {Because, seriously, do you think Olivia could handle a real marker around all of that pretty furniture??}  

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

That Uncle Rhino is something else. He sure loves his niece and I'm pretty sure she loves him right back.

Poppy said...

He is a good Uncle for sure and Olivia is a ver lucky little girl. He sure loves his niece.