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14 April 2011


So, I was just cleaning up the kitchen in preparation for my parents' arrival {T minus 30 minutes!} and realized I wanted to put a few pictures up on the blog so I wouldn't have to do that tonight.  I remembered that all the pictures were the fake polaroid pictures from my cell phone and came up with the word "fauxlaroid" -- get it?  Faux Polaroids.  Ohmygosh, I got so excited, like, I just made up a word that could be this cool new word that people start using.  So, I pull up google to make sure I am spelling both faux and polaroid correctly and think to myself that maybe I should check to see if fauxlaroid has been used before and SURE ENOUGH, it has.  Whatever, I'm jumping on that bandwagon and using it as much as possible!  Fauxlaroids!  Woo Hoo!  Fauxlaroids rock!

One of the best things I've done is put a little mirror by the bathtub - she loves to look at herself {anytime, really} after I've put the shampoo in her hair.  It makes hair washing more of a treat for her!

Come sit by me, Mama.

{Stop the world - there's a picture of me on the blog!}

Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!


Poppy said...

Very sweet Sis! Two of my favorites girls right there! Love you both SO MUCH........!

Jillian said...

I sooooooo wish I could see you before I go. :'(

Irma said...

Cute as ever...naturally!