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05 April 2011

If a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words...

...let's just go ahead and chalk this blog post up to about 20,000 words or so.  
Sorry, I have way too much trouble choosing my favorites.

Olivia and I met up with our friends Sarah and Kendall for a walk on Pismo Beach this morning.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and it's so fun walking on the sand right by the ocean.  The hardest part is pushing our strollers out through the soft sand - that is a workout for sure.  We learned our lesson on the way back and let the girls walk on their own to sort of lighten the load!  I left my camera in my bag, but Sarah snapped away and got some fabulous pictures of the girls playing in the sand.

Olivia's first attempt at giving Kendall a hug.

My girl does NOT give up!

At one point, the girls started doing squats in the sand.  
That was a little more exercise than I wanted to do!

What one does, the other has to do too.

Look at that face!  She is just the sweetest thing!

Oh my word.  This has to be one of my all-time favorite pictures of Olivia.  I can't believe Sarah got that picture - we kept calling for her to turn around and look at the camera and she just kept smirking, looking at the ocean, knowing she wasn't giving us what we wanted.  She turned around for just a second and Sarah got the shot!

Once we got home, Olivia wasn't done with her outdoor play.  She spent some time in her swing while I made us lunch and we ended up having a little picnic in the backyard.  It's been such a gorgeous day today, I couldn't resist doing a little mini shoot of my two kiddos.

At least one of my children will smile for the camera!

I wish you could hear her laugh.  She thought Magnum was so funny barking at me.

My tree-huggin' flower child.

Love her.

Look at what the sea air did to her hair.  I just love those curls!

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Thank goodness Sarah had her camera. What darling girls. She/you do have good friends. Looks like she and Kendall had a great time at the beach. Gotta love it when the weather cooperates.

Poppy said...

Those were some great pics of some beautiful lil girls. Thanks so much for posting them Sis and thanks to Sarah for taking and sharing. Definitely make Poppys day.

Irma said...

I can almost hear her laughter and sense her joy in these photos! Brought a smile to my face! Hugs and kisses to Olivia.

Jillian said...

I want to come to the beach! I LOVE those shots! And also the pictures of Magnum are priceless. I can hear him in my mind for sure, LOL!

David said...

Great pictures of 3 great kids

Marissa said...

Love these pictures! I'm with Mom - I can practically hear her laughter in that one. Love the curls, love the smiles, love the outfit, love her! Miss you guys!

Sarah Pedersen said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Love the pictures from your picnic too. Especially the one of her them!!