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07 April 2011

There's a Bun in the Oven

It feels SO good to finally be able to blog about our expecting another baby.  We have been hanging on to this secret since we were in Hawaii {which seems like FOREVER ago}!  There were a multitude of reasons that kept me fairly tight-lipped about the pregnancy - none of which I am going to go into detail about - but it is nice to be able to put some information up here on the blog for friends and family to read about.

Like I said, we found out we were pregnant while we were in Hawaii last December.  What an amazing Christmas gift that was!  Although, it was really hard keeping that from our family who was on the trip with us.  After we returned home, I had my first doctor's appointment with Dr. Goodrich.  I ended up taking Olivia with me to the appointment and she was a CHAMP!  For those of you who have been to any OB appointment, you know you have to pee in a cup.  Well, Little Miss Verbal went right back into the office and kept talking about how she saw her mommy's "gina."  Dr. Goodrich also did an ultrasound and Olivia told the other patients about seeing her mommy's "naked belly."  That doctor's appointment went well - we got a small picture of our new baby and our due date of August 22nd.

Fast forward to February and a visit from my mom.  She was able to go to the Nuchal Screening with me when I was about 13 weeks along.  I had heard from several people who were able to find out the gender at their nuchal screening, so of course Mom and I were hoping that would be the case.  No dice!  But, it was so great for my mom to see the ultrasound and it was such a blessing for me to have her there with me AND to find out that everything was fine with the baby.

Here's our profile picture from the nuchal screening.
Olivia's can be seen here.

We had our next ultrasound scheduled for the end of March to find out if we were having a boy or girl.  I was desperate to find out before I left for Arizona and actually had my monthly visit with my OB the day before we left.  I batted my eyelashes and asked in the sweetest voice I had if she would do a quick ultrasound on me, but she wanted me to wait for the more accurate ultrasound a couple weeks later.  

Our anatomy ultrasound was scheduled for the afternoon of the 30th and I literally could not have been any more impatient.  We had to wait about 25 minutes for the doctor to come into our room and I swear David was going to have to tie me down to keep me from going out and asking what the hold-up was.  She finally came in and within 30 seconds, we had our answer!  Our family was going to be blessed with another girl - Olivia was going to have a sister!!  I was honestly shocked.  I was absolutely convinced that we were going to have a boy.  Could the same doctor who told us we were having a girl with Olivia tell us the same exact news this time around?  YES, she could and she DID!  And here's the proof.

Ha ha - our baby is mooning you!
We weren't able to get a profile shot this time, but you can see Olivia's here.

We were lucky this time to get a dvd of our ultrasound. But, we made the mistake of showing it to our friends Ken and Katie.  I am afraid we may have scarred them for life.  I'm guessing it's a "you had to be there" or "it has to be your own baby" kind of thing for anyone to understand just how incredible it is to take a peek inside your uterus and see the baby you are carrying kick and punch and to see her heart beating and to know that everything is forming as perfectly as can be.  It is such a blessing and relief to this mama to know that it's all good in the uterus hood!  I have already watched the dvd three times in the last week.  Pathetic, right?

I am sort of tempted not to share this next ultrasound picture with you.  I was FREAKED out by Olivia's  ultrasound picture like this, but I guess the more I've seen it and gotten used to it, the more I see the beauty in it.  David swears no one will be able to figure out what it is they are looking at, but I have faith.

Her little hands are up by the side of her face.

And, if you need a little help...
Maybe it's just me, but I think she is BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to meet her.

At this point, I am over halfway through my pregnancy.  I am feeling pretty good these days.  The first trimester was a doozy - no real morning sickness, but I was extremely tired all the time.  Of course, my cravings for carbs have pretty much stayed the same, but this time I am craving squash and zucchini like crazy.  I am normally not a big egg person, but lately I have wanted to eat my egg burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I am finally starting to show a little bit, but I haven't started doing any kind of formal belly shots.  I took one picture with my cell phone to send to my friend Michele...I'll go ahead and post that now {if you promise not to laugh}.  
You wanted to see a picture of my sink, right?

We feel so fortunate to know that our baby girl is healthy and growing normally.  We can't wait to meet this little one and Olivia is beyond excited to have a little sister.  I know she will be an amazing big sister and I am so excited to see the bond of sisterhood grow between them.  {And, naturally, I can't wait to dress another baby girl!}

Thanks for joining us on another crazy pregnancy ride.  Much love from the Central Coast.


Serenity Now said...

Congratulations to you all! How exciting :) Hope you continue to feel good throughout the rest of your pregnancy!

David said...

This is a wonderful ride we are on. I'm going to hold on tight and take in every minute!

Mom Cooper said...

Well you all know how excited this Nana is to have another granddaughter to love. It seems I've been blessed with an abundance of love for grandchildren! Can't wait to meet her and yes spoil her to pieces too!
I'm so very happy for you all and US too!

BTW- Olivia is such a loving little girl with her baby dolls (and her little friends) that I know she will be a wonderful BIG sister.

Do you think Poppy will call the new little one "Sis"??
I'm not saying, I'm just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kara @ June & Bear said...

Congratulations. It's so exciting when you finally reveal a pregnancy. I had such a hard time waiting until the end of the first trimester to tell. I was so much more tired the second time around and I showed much earlier. Found you through Buggie and Jellybean.

Irma said...

I am very excited to meet the new little angel. I already love the child!

Sarah Pedersen said...

Congrats!! We are so excited to you are having another little girl. She will be so cute and have the best clothes!!

Marissa said...

So, so, so,sooooooo excited for you guys and for me to be an auntie again! I think it's important for a girl to have a sister, so I'm thrilled for Olivia and this new little one too. Now onto the name game..... If you and David anything like Scott and me, she'll be in your arms before you can decide. Hopefully it goes much more smoothly for you guys than it ever did for us! :) Love you!