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12 April 2011

Oh Baby!

With this new little biscuit in the oven, I cannot seem to get enough of little babies these days.  Whether it is watching {my new favorite reality show} Pregnant in Heels*, checking out baby name blogs, or snuggling up with an itty bitty newborn, I just can't get my fill.

This morning, Olivia and I went up to visit our friends Sarah and Jacob and their new family member, William.  He is just as cute as a button and is good as gold.  {Can I throw another cliche at you?}  He slept almost the entire time I was there and I had the privilege of snuggling up with him for a few hours.  Olivia was SO sweet with him.  I was a little anxious as to how she would be around him - I know she loves to see babies, but she's never seen me hold one.  She was an absolute angel.  She kept pointing out his little eyes, his little nose, his little mouth.  It was so sweet to watch and made me even more excited to have our own little bundle of joy at home.

I snapped this on my phone as soon as we got there - she loved squatting down and checking him out.  She also loved crawling into his car seat and portable swing.  

The "big kids" played {or made a mess of the playroom} while I snuggled up with William.  He was just too scrumptious and at a little over two weeks, he still had that newborn smell to him!

Can you stand all that cuteness?

Since my hands were full, it was hard for me to take pictures with my big ol' camera.  But, when Olivia pulled out Jacob's mini golf club, I had to snap a picture with my phone for Poppy.

She's a natural!

We had a great time visiting with Sarah, Jacob and William.  I actually even feel like we helped a bit - we took up some zucchini-carrot "cupcakes" and some breakfast burritos and I was able to hold William while Sarah fed Jacob lunch and put him down for a nap.  Olivia was so worn out from all the fun that she slept for 2 1/2 hours when we got home.  Let's hope she keeps up that helpful, sleepy streak when our new one comes along!

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!

*It sounds like a totally pretentious show, but it is more the clients are pretentious and the concierge, Rosie Pope, brings them down to best as possible.


Mom Cooper said...

Nothing but sweetness any way you look at it!

Poppy said...

Wonderful pictures Sis. Olivia will have her very own mini golf club soon. She will be taking some divots in the yard.:)

David said...

Fun time with Jacob and William :)

Irma said...

Olivia will have Jack beat in a game of golf before you know it! Watch out...there is a new Cooper to contend with on the links! Please send me the soft copy of the last photo file in this section. Love the polka-dots and the smile!