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13 April 2011

If I Ran the Zoo ... or American Idol

Leave it to me to have the busiest social schedule the week before Olivia turns two!  Yesterday we hung out with Jacob and William, today we went to the zoo, tomorrow we have a walking date with Avi and {woo hoo} my parents come to town, we have class on Friday {and I'm in charge of snacks}, Saturday is the Cal Poly Open House {did someone say Tractor Pull??} and Sunday is Livi Lou's SECOND birthday!!  As my sweet little one would say, Holy Smokes!

We had a ball today at the Atascadero Zoo.  It's such a tiny little zoo, but it was perfect for the kiddos to be able to jump out of their strollers and run around.  Sarah was a brave little Mama bringing both of her boys with her.  It was amazing watching us all take care of each other's kids...when one mom needed an extra hand or another set of eyes to watch their little tot, another one was there to help.  I love these moms and their babies and I feel so lucky to have met them and become such good friends with them.

Olivia and Brycen

I just love this picture!  Look at that smile!

Jacob pointing out the sprinkler.

Oh my word - this little one has my heart {and Olivia's too}.  He is just so precious.

Love this - look at Jacob chasing after Olivia.

I swear I have 25 versions of this is amazing that they all sat there and posed for the picture.

And, now, onto my two cents about American Idol.  Is it me or does Paul McDonald have the WHITEST teeth ever?  He's so yummy to look at.  And, I am not a big Black Eyed Peas fan, but I may be developing  a little crush on Will.I.Am.  He sort of reminds me of Dave Matthews.  That's it.  Two cents, I told you.

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

Love that last picture! How did you get them all to stay sitting in a row long enough to get it? :)

Irma said...

What a beautiful day with some beautiful children!