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21 April 2011

Olivia's 2nd Birthday {Party}

Happy 2nd Birthday, Olivia!!  

It's taken me a few days to get the pictures loaded and edited and it's going to take me a few more days to get a blog up documenting how much she has changed in just the last month.  Sadly though, I am painfully aware of how poor a job I did of documenting her party -- I guess I can say it's because I spent a good majority of the time enjoying the good food and the amazing friends and family who were there!

Let me rewind to the night before her birthday... her Birthday Eve.  We celebrated with some presents, a family dinner and a birthday ice cream cake.

Frenchy dog from Uncle Hank and Aunt Patty

Fancy Nancy doll from Mommy and Daddy

{And, it turns out I do like Kit Kats}

Let's pretend she isn't wearing her Poop Happens bib.

{We finally got smart and turned the bib around.}
She was pretty much in heaven with that cake!

For Olivia's birthday party, we did a little Birthday Breakfast with her Besties.  We invited all the usual suspects {Kendall, Avi, Macy, Tessa and Jacob} and their parents and laid out a delicious assortment of breakfast foods.  We had a ton of fruit, donuts, quiche, muffins, juices and mimosas.  We could not have ordered a more beautiful day outside and so we spent a good portion of the party playing with toys and bubbles outside while the men {and Jacob} played round after round of cornhole.

Donut cake courtesy of Poppy

The best gift of all - a birthday hug from Kendall!

I put together another slideshow of Olivia pictures and played it for the ladies and kiddos at the party.  The kids LOVED seeing their smiling faces up on the big screen and sat perfectly still for the entire 10 minutes show.  If you haven't seen it yet, you can see it here.

Olivia was worn out after her party and took a nice long nap.  That afternoon, Olivia Skyped with her Grandma and Poppa and opened the presents that they had sent in the mail.  She got an amazing little butterfly table and chairs, a butterfly net, and butterfly wings.  She also got some of the cutest little dresses from her grandma.  We were so grateful that they were able to share in her special day!

A special thanks to Olivia's friends who came out to the party -- it really made her day to have them there!  And, a huge, HUGE thanks to my parents and David for helping me with getting everything ready for the party.  I gave everyone a list of things to do and they went above and beyond cleaning and prepping everything!

Stay tuned for another birthday post in the next few days!


Irma said...

Great decorations, great eats, great weather and great company...makes for a wonderful birthday for Olivia! Lucky little girl!

Mom Cooper said...

This was the best 2nd year birthday party I EVER attended. But I have to admit Ryan and Amanda's birthday parties when they were little were pretty good too!!!