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17 July 2011

Two and a Quarter

Happy 27 Month Birthday, Olivia!

We celebrated your birthday today with a trip to the Farmers Market where you indulged in a handful of raspberries, five strawberries, two pluots, a peach and a nectarine -- all courtesy of your friends Willy and Maria!  I'm glad we went with a couple of pretty pictures colored especially for them.

You are growing and changing so quickly these days.  You remember EVERYTHING we say and you hold us to it.  You are making your mama so happy by sleeping late every morning.  Keep that up when your baby sister comes, okay?!  Speaking of baby sister...on Friday, you were able to feel her moving around and hiccuping.  Since then, whenever you touch my belly, you ask if she is moving and if she has the hiccups.  You are getting so excited to meet her!

One of my favorite things you are doing these days is HELPING!  I love when you help me clean up or "cook" and you will ask me, Am I being a big helper, Mommy?  Yes, sugar, you are.  And, I love you SO much.

We took you to the fair yesterday and you had a BLAST.  You started crying this afternoon when I told you that the fair had moved on to another town.  You loved seeing all of the animals and you were so excited to ride the pony again.  {Don't worry, I'll post about that tomorrow!}  I'm glad we were able to do that together one more time as our little family of three.  Love you, love you, LOVE YOU so much.

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!
My brother took this picture on his iphone while we Skyped with him this evening. 
Not a bad shot...


Irma said...

I am going to follow Olivia's lead. I am going to color a picture of diamonds...take it into a jewelry store and hope they give me a free diamond out of courtesy when I show them the drawing! Think it will work!?! Thanks for the idea Olivia!

Irma said...

I may up my chances with the jewelry store if I put my hair in pigtails and wear cute sunglasses! XOXO

Mom Cooper said...

I can't get over how my baby girl is growing up so quickly. I am looking forward to seeing how she handles being the big sister in just a few weeks. I'm sure she will be stupendous. That's a fancy way of saying very helpful. Thanks Nancy!