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18 January 2012

33 Months is 3 Months from 3

It is mind-blowing to think that in three short months, my first born will be turning THREE!  And, if what most people say is true and the threes really are harder than the twos?!  LawdHaveMercy, we need to brace ourselves!

It was a rough week last week in the Michelson household.  Was it a full moon?  Because from everything I saw on Facebook or Mommy Blogs to IRL Friends, it was a hard week for everyone.  David and I have really been trying to crack down on some of the behaviors that we see that we don't really want - some days are easier than others - and those days where almost everything is a battle with her can be really difficult.  We have been using a lot of methods from Parenting With Love and Logic and the tantrums {knock on wood} are shorter and less frequent.  Yesterday was tantrum-free and today has been thus far.  Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus.  It's been tough on us, not giving in to every whim or desire that Olivia has {not that we always did in the past} and even tougher not using bribery all the time.  And, I'd say it has been tough on Olivia too.  But, she is learning.  She threw a fit last week because she didn't want to pick up a mess that she had made.  And, by a fit, I mean she screamed and cried for at least an hour.  But she picked it up.  And, later that evening when she dumped a basket of laundry over, she immediately picked it up.   On Friday, we were going to meet up with Mom and take her to a new playground, but she fiddle farted around and wouldn't get ready after breakfast by washing her hands & face and cooperating with getting dressed.  And, I got {without going into detail} pissed off.  I took Sydney and we left.  And Olivia had to stay home.  It was hard on both of us.  I am thankful that David saw that I needed a break and saw that a learning opportunity presented itself.  When I came back, I told her about how much fun Sydney and I had at the playground {when in reality, we went to Mom's and I vented for 2 hours}.  The next day, my dad wanted to take her to the playground and she started to pull the fiddle fart routine when I reminded her of what happened the day before.  She came right over and cooperated with getting dressed.  She is learning.

But, enough of the rough stuff, because when I look at the big picture {which can sometimes get clouded over}, it is such a SMALL part of who she is.  It is typical behaviors in this critical time of learning.  She is such a wonderful little girl who constantly amazes us with her memory, her creativity and her talents.

Livi is really into imaginative play these days.  We saw the start of this before Christmas {or maybe I should say the growth} and some of her gifts really brought it out.  She LOVES playing doctor and veterinarian.  She has been the doctor, the patient, the patient who is scared to go to the doctor,  the big sister of the patient, the veterinarian, the person calling the veterinarian, and maybe even once or twice has been the animal being doctored.

Playing grocery store

Her grandma and grandpa got her a mini Ergo carrier for Christmas and she absolutely loves it.  She wanted to take it and wear it at Target the other day and not only did she get a ton of compliments on it, but it was the best Target trip we've had {just the three of us} in ages.  If there's not a baby in it, there's a stuffed animal.

She's playing a lot with her dollhouse and we play pretend a ton at night before bed.  She likes to play Santa Claus and always has to say, But I don't wanna sit on his lap! She likes to play baby where she crawls inside our shirt.  We pretend paint the crib and get ready for the new baby {just like in one of her books}. We've rescued little animals and put them inside small boxes with burp cloths used as blankets.   For awhile her favorite thing to do was to have someone leave the room and knock on the door.  God Bless her Poppy because he will play pretend with her for hours - something I have a hard time doing sometimes.

Last night she was awake in her crib until 12:15.  Yes, past midnight.  And she went to bed around 9.  OY.  I've got to figure out a way to get her to nap earlier than 3:30.  Anyway, she must have sung "Ari the newborn king, pa rum pum pum pum" at least 400 times.  She still loves to listen to the Little Drummer Boy.  And, she likes to pretend she is him too.

We spent yesterday morning at the playground with her new friend, Michael.  They really give each other a run for their money.

Looks like somebody is hogging all of the toys.

Love these little overalls.

Olivia's latest obsessions are some new Olivia apps - painting stickers and learning magic tricks - and reading about dinosaurs.  You guys, I HATE dinosaurs.  And, I need to watch it because I think she is picking up on it.  She told David the other night when he put her to bed, "Mommy doesn't like that story."  The thing is, it's NOT a story.  It's a book of big dinosaurs whose names I can't pronounce.  So, usually I hide the book in her closet.  But, one afternoon I read through it with her and when we came to this page, she said, "Look Mommy, that dinosaur has to go pee pee!"  Sort of made it worth it.

Oh, Olivia Cole.  You make us work so hard every day and you are constantly teaching us.  We love your little bits to pieces.


Irma said...

Olivia will teach you what kind of parent she needs...and you will teach her what kind of child you need. It is a give and take...but the bottom line is that as the parent, you get to decide the boundries. Keep up the great parenting!

Poppy said...

You kids are doing a great job as parents. Nana and Poppy are so proud of you two. No one ever said it was going to be easy raising children. Just be consistent and loving everyday.


Mom Cooper said...

I believe the two comments above came from two wise parents, so take their advice. I will just add that children learn by example so continue to be the best role models of the good parents you are and the girls will grow up to be happy, well-adjusted young ladies.

I love this last picture of the girls. Olivia is probably thinking, Syd get used to it Mama has the camera (cell phone) out again.