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30 January 2012

Oh Tiny Prints, You Know the Way to My {Valentine's Day} Heart

Okay, so if you know me very well, you will know that I love all things Tiny Prints.  I've created both of the girls' birth announcements from there {just browsing that section makes even this sleep deprived mama want another little baby}, Olivia's birthday invitations were from Tiny Prints, and our Christmas cards were from there this year as well.  During all of my recent organizing, I found a cute Valentine's Day card that I sent out when Olivia was around 9 1/2 months old.  Oh Tiny Prints, you know the way to my Valentine's Lovin' Heart!


So, of course, I felt a little pang of, So is Sydney not going to have a Valentine's Day card with her picture on it to put in her memory box? And, my fingers magically made their way over guessed it:

Talk about swoon.  I'm ready to decorate the house in heart garlands and cupids & arrows!  Wanna see a couple of my favorites?  Sure you do.

Love, love, LOVE this one.  
And, that precious family?  Just so happens to be from one of my favorite blog reads!

And, I just LOVE this photo collage.  

Their Valentine's Day greeting cards are gorgeous too!

I mean, what grandma and grandpa wouldn't love a personalized greeting card?!

Especially one like this.

Now, if only I could get both of my girls to cooperate for a picture!

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1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

This Nana loves picture cards and you with the help of Tiny Prints send out the cutest ever. I'm looking forward to a Valentine card from my grand babies.