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10 January 2012

Out and About

The temperatures out here this last week have been in the mid 70s and it has just been absolutely gorgeous.  Four years of warm winters and I still don't know how to dress myself or my kids.  I always think it is going to be much cooler than it actually is so we have a habit of heading out the door in long sleeves and pants and then end up being a little toasty while out, but you are not going to hear me complaining!

We've walked to the playground on several occasions and were lucky enough to meet this sweet boy who had gotten a motorized jeep for Christmas.  He very willingly took Olivia for a nice long ride, and fortunately, took her almost all the way home!

And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have bribery at its finest!  I was trying to get some pictures of the girls together and told Olivia she could have a lollipop if she sat still and smiled at the camera.  I stripped her down as to not get sticky lollipop juice all over everything and she dragged her bean bag out into the {dormant} grass to eat it and soak up a little sun.

Saturday was another gorgeous day and I wanted to put our bikes to good use.  My mom came over and watched Sydney {and folded and put away two loads of the girls' laundry} while David and I took Olivia out for a ride.  I'm excited for the two of them to be able to ride in the chariot together while we go out for rides together as a family.  And, can I just say that I love riding around our neighborhood?!  NO HILLS!!!

Here's hoping there's some sunshine in your neck of the woods!

Happy Tuesday from the Valley of the Sun!


Mom Cooper said...

Yea for sunshine and yea for taking advantage of it.

Irma said...

Glad you are enjoying the sunshine. We have had lots of sun this winter too...which all right by me! Olivia has the kind of personality that she will always make friends quickly. Give the girls hugs and kisses from us.